INSTY – Sand Sculpting And Beef

Sand Sculpter Meredith Carson and Joe Moore from the Indiana Beef Council talk to Andi and Tracy.
>>> and “indy style” is back live at the indiana state fair. i’m here with two people that what they have to do with well they’re going to explain what they have to do with. both things they represent i had stuck in my teeth over the weekend. >> you know, funny you should say that. i was just reading their buttons that say i love beef, what a coincidence. >> what a coincidence. >> joe moore is here from the beef council and mary corson, what would your title be? >> professional sand sculptor. >> i had beef and teeth stuck in my teeth. i cleaned those out. the first question i have, are you feeling a little outnumbered with it being the year of the pig and all? >> you know what? they are great partners of ours. so no, we support them 100%. we were very happy that this year we’re going to feature live stock. >> all right. just wait, we’ll get our turn >> yes, that’s right. absolutely. >> h



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