INSTY – Roy Hibbert

Roy Hibbert is on to share a great chili recipe.
always beautiful and always by design. that is what happened had we come on soon. >> we are chatting. >> you seep that. >> see the hometown. >> asking roy where are you from. dc. right? >> i’m from dc. i was born in new york. raised in dc, maryland area. i am used to the cold weather. that is why i have this chili right now for you. >> that is a good thing you were drafted by the pacers then. we have almost as many monuments here. >> kind of like — >> that is true. true. >> we appreciate you taking time off between giggs. a big game coming up tomorrow night against the lakers. this is not a pregame meal, is it. >> not a pregame meal. a tailgating meal. right before the big game tomorrow with the lakers. >> yes. >> it is something that hits the stomach right, fill you up and taste good. >> what do we need to do to get started? you are a long way from the counter. >> i got to bend down. f



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