INSTY- Roller Derby Salsa

The Circle City Socialites show us how to whip up salsa!
performances. why you are doing that, i’m going to step over here with the roller girls again. hey, ladies. >> you took your skates off. >> we did. >> i thought you were going to tower over me. everybody is in their tank tops. i feel left out. >> you can join? what is it? >> houser of pain. we have this for you. >> let’s take off my jacket so i feel like i’m more part of the group. >> what are we making today. >> we are making a mango sal as — salsa. it’s done really well. we are about to do a second printing. you can get them at silver in the city and at our web site. >> how do you girls eat? do you keep it healthy? >> some of us are really healthy. >> i’m not one of them. we want to reward ourselves. we have incredible desserts in there. we burn a lot of calories. >> my question real quick, what would i be, would i be a blocker or a jammer? >> you could probably be a jammer if you wer



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