INSTY- Richard Blais From Top Chef

Top Chef’s Richard Blais cooks with liquid Nitrogen.
kitchens by design. always beautiful and always by design. joining me in the kitchen now, we promised, here he is, top chef richard blais. >> thanks for having me. i’m singing the theme and i want to move in here. >> we will get you a cut. you get a bathroom pass and you’re good to go. >> that’s all i need. >> you’re here to talk about this bad boy. what is this? >> technology that restaurants have been using for many years, now final available for the home cook. this is the sous vide supreme. sous vide means under vacuum in french. it’s cooking food. we’re going to do a dish with short ribs. it’s cooking them at gentle and precise temperatures. it’s like warm bath water. >> it’s an elegant way to cook and precise way to cook. are you a skilled — you throw down in the kitchen. >> i like to make ribs. i grow up in the south. i do it the southern way. it depends on what we’re talking abou



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