INSTY – Red Gold

Home Economist Linda Wallace is in to talk about ketchup.
>>> all right. we are back now, live at the indiana state fair. when you think indiana, you tend to think corn. there are people that would prefer tomatoes, at least on occasion. linda is here. you are — you are, you are — >> i’m a home economist. we can use great tomatoes grown in indiana. the recipe you have in front of us says red-gold caviar. you might go down on a list of indiana before the caviar. >> exactly. we are going to use black-eyed peas instead of caviar. >> the first thing we are going to do is we have a can of black eyed peas we drain. >> $16.59 can. >> 16 ounce can and a can of corn. of course indiana. why not. you know? green pepper. and some onion. of course, the hero of the whole recipe are red-gold tomatoes. this happens to be our chili. >> okay, good. >> have you heard of red-gold tomatoes? >> absolutely. >> they have different varieties. the other one is mexican



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