INSTY- Pumpkin Chili

Pumpkin Chili and Pumkin Ganola: Yum!
>> in the kitchen. >> our kitchen was designed by kitchens by design. we are standing in our kitchen with vanessa. we’re doing something a litle different. >> yes. canned pumpkin. >> okay. people say, okay, you can cook with pumpkin opinion i think they assume pie and soup. >> and that’s about it. >> there’s so many things you can do. it’s the perfect baby food. i mean, think about it. today we’re going to make pumpkin chili and pumpkin granola. this chili is like perfect for like today. we’re going to start off with a can of tomato sauce and diced tomatos. what i have already have in here is about a pound and 1/2 of ground sirloin. then i’m going to add a can of pinto beans. then a can of dark red kidney beans. okay? then a whole cup or even more of pumpkin. >> okay. >> now one of the things that makes pumpkin so healthy, you can tell it’s bright orange, that means it’s full of vitamin



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