INSTY- Pot Pie

The indiana State Museum and chicken vevet soup come together.
>> andi: our kitchen was designeds by kitchens by design. always beautiful, always by design. we’re back in the kitchen filled with good stuff, and we have the chef. >> tracy: we want to get you started and you can tell us about the history. >> we’re going to start with chicken velvet soup. we’ll get started with butter. the key ingredient. anything that is good but not good for you is made with butter. so we’re going to get that started. we’ll met this down here. as soon as this get fully melted down we’ll add our flour. that is our thickener for chicken very well set soup. then we’ll be o ready with our chicken velvet soup. >> you don’t count calories. andi: of course not. you ountthem less during the holidays. >> tracy: this is a multi generational tradition. >> it really has. so many people our age, and our parents remember going to the tea room when they were little. it was a big de



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