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Post Thanksgiving tips
>> andi: same thing every year. either you cookoo much. your mother cooks too much. all this food nor thanksgiving, and then what are you going to do with it? you’re eventually going to eat it. live from new york with suggestions with things you can do with that, boby and lori, hi guys. >> hello. >> andi: your a character on full house. >> dream and it can happen. >> andi: obviously it does. what are some ideas that you have for us today? >> many good ideas today. >> tracy: absolutely. >> well, lori and i have teamed up with helmanns and we’re giving people ideas for the holidays. roasted mushrooms, a fantastic horduavre for the holidays. it has the stuffing of the mushroom caps–the i keep saying the caps. the stems sliced up with shallots, spices and herbs and we glaze it. two simple ingredients. helmans, and it’s very dishes. then we have leftover ideas. this is a turkey reub. you sau



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