INSTY-Pork Chops

Indiana State Fair: Pork chops
>>> i wasn’t exaggerating when i said pork, pork, pork, pork. >> it is the year of the pig. >> it is the year of the pig. we have pork chop here. he’s the public relations for the indiana farm bureau. you are bonding over jewelry. >> i know. you know, girls. you guys talk about pork. >> let’s talk about pork, shall we? >> what more can you say than that. >> is this the garbage burger? >> this is it. it’s the garbage burger. this is the entry they entered in the the state fair barbecue, well, the signature food item. it’s nothing fried this year. yeah. it makes me happy. awesome. and how it’s made, it’s an extra link ground pork patty and we put our pulled pork barbecue on top. you have the best of both worlds. you have the lean ground pork and the pork barbecue in one sandwich. you can get it at the indiana state fair at all three pork tents. >> why do you call it a pork burger? the name



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