INSTY – Pogue’s Run Grocer

Luke Caenepeel, Deli Manager of the new Pogue’s Run Grocer creates a Cilantro Lime Hummus and talks about the new store opening December 29.
>> we wanted to remind you that our kitchen, comes to us by kitchen be design, always beautiful, always by design. we are here in the kitchen with lou, deli manager for?ç poe’s run new grocery coming wednesday. >> so new, it is not here yet. >> not here. >> renee is here. let’s talk about this. cool name and cool concept. can you explain for us a little bit? >> sure. indy food co-op is a group that started three years ago. working towards bringing a community-owned non-profit grocery store to indianapolis and after we brought this grocery store. lukes the deli manager and whipping.some hummus for us. >> oh, good. >> awesome. sweet. >> in terms of when you were approached, was this something you were involved in from the get-go or suddenly came and said we are opening this poag’s run. do you want to get involved? . >> i met with the general manager, greg, a few weeks ago and we interview



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