INSTY-Pita Pit

Pita Pit is in studio.
she’s touring. thank you so much. >> we find ourselves in the kitchen. hi, guys! >> hi. >> how are you guys doing this morning. >> you — we are doing well this morning. >> they are the only green restaurant in the entire state. >> i’ve been doing it for twenty years and they are the leader for green certification. >> have you had other restaurants to look at what steps you’re taking? >> i hope so soon. not yet though. >> that’s cool. what are you making for us? >> i’m showing how we can do quick and easy at home using normal pita bread and sprinkling aregularno on — oregano and parmesan. >> you can substitute it for in a naco chips. >> that’s right. >> what else are you doing. >> we are doing our filafo. it’s one of my favorite things to eat on our menu. >> that says a lot if you are a carnivore. >> it’s a hearty item. if you like hummus, you are going to love this. >> this is a spicy



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