INSTY – Pete The Planner

Pete the Planner is in with some tips on how to budget for eating out.
solution, and we’ll provide it for you. pete the planner? >> ready to take your order. when you dine out, if you put the wrong thing in there, it will ring up your bill. >> i like the bottomless. >> water is bottomless and free, actually. i get accused of being a cheapskate, but be healthy, drink water and not pay out the nose for beverages. >> certain beverages. >> we’re talking about dining out and how to keep your costs under control. did you know there are 93 opportunities to dine out every single month for every single person? there are 93 meals in a month. one of the best way toss keep track of how much you spend in dining out is to track how many of those 93 are part of your dining out plans. so for a lot of people, breakfast is one of those really easy ones to save money, because you can grab a banana on the way out the door or make some toast, something that doesn’t require you



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