INSTY: Penne Pasta

Chef Dwight from Kiss z Cook prepares this recipe
>> we are in the kitchen and our beautiful kitchen is provid by kitchens by design, always beautiful, always by design. >> and joining us is chef dwight from kiss the cook. >> i’m excited. thank you for having us. >> we’re excited to have you here. a lot of times we watch the chef do everything. >> that’s not going to happen today. you guys are actually going to do what we do. i’m going to have you stuff some chicken breasts and make your own lunch. >> where do you want me? >> i want you here and you here. one of the things we’re big on, we want to make sure we have all the ingredients we need before we get started. this is what i have in front o you is everything you need to do your chicken breasts. grab your sun dried tomatoes which are here and here. we want to stack these guys together. i want to you stack them together maybe three high. then we want to cut them into strips. the leng



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