INSTY- Paula Dean

Paula Dean is coming to Indianapolis.
>> andi: welcome back. she’s on three tv shows, has a slew of books. her own magazine, two restaurants to manage, and some how she’s joining us live right now from georgia. that lovely blue-eyed food goddess, paula dean. >> good morning, guys and girls. >> andi: better now that you’re here. how are you doing looking beautiful. >> my allergies are kicking my butt this morning. my nose is like a few set. my eyes are just pouring tears. but it’s beautiful here. you know, i don’t know if things–i don’t know what is going on out there. other than that i’m finer than frog’s hair, girl j i’m convinced that you know what the secret to happiness is. i don’t know if it’s butter or what it is, but you know, you just exude this loveliness and this charisma that people just are like–i tell people i was talking to paula dean today, and i can’t tell you how excited everybody was. >> oh how sweet, and



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