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Nourish Cafe makes Tomato Soup.
>> tracy: our kitchen was designed by kitchens by design. always beautiful. sticking with the soup theme. the andy warhol theme. tgood morning. >> good morning. >> tracy: it’s the season. >> it is the season. >> tracy: i saw a neighbor still plucking a few tomatoes out of her garden. >> they’re hanging on. still hanging on. there are a few green ones still hanging on. the reason why i brought canned tomatoes today you can get beautiful product out of the can. if you got a tomato hanging on, savor that for that sandwich. it’s the last of summer. >> tracy: oh, okay. >> that’s why i brought canned tomatoes. this is also from a company in indiana, a local company. >> andi: absolutely. >> tracy: yeah. >> we’re trying to tie in to the exhibit over at the museum. >> tracy: sounds good. >> andi: how do we get started. >> this is a straight forward recipe for tomato soup. we’ll start with on none



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