INSTY – No Alcoholic Bar For New Year’s

Chef Valerie Vanderpool from Zest has some great non-alcoholic beverages as an option for your New Year’s Eve party.
>> we’re so fired up about our next guest that you were talking about her yesterday. >> she’s the she have of my favorite restaurant. i’ll just lay it out ther it’s called zest. it’s down home and goes up town, is that correct? >> down home and goes up town. >> to have down home food, it just sings in your mouth. >> thank you. >> that puts you in your comfort zone. >> totally because there is no alcohol in these drinks. we’re doing non-alcoholic options for new year’s eve parties so they’re going to be more fancy and more involved than just kool-aid and 7-up. >> people have new year’s parties, and those who imbib, there are options for those who don’t. what are we going to be doing first? >> the first thing we’re going to do first is the lime basil ginger sparkler. so i made a lime basil syrup, which is usually equal parts sugar and water and you melt the sugar in the water on the stove.



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