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Eating Gulf seafood
sticky part and pick up pieces of a bulb. now here is a reason to eat out. it’s a great cause. here to tell us about it is chef tommy, he’s talking about dining out for assistance of folks in the gulf coast, specifically those who get those things you have in front of pup man, what are you in front of? that looks fabulous. we have oysters. our famous dish of oysters. we put them on a barbecue grill, we baste it with butter, cheese, best bite of new orleans. especially for the cold weather you’re having up there right now, we have seafood gumbo that is loaded with seafood, shrimp, oysters, grab meat, it’s perfect for this time of year. >> i see you have a whole crew working behind you. wait a minute, we had the oil spill, i would love to help the fishing community out there, help them get back on their feet economically but a lot of people are probably wondering if the food is safe. >> le



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