INSTY-New Day Meadery

Brett Canaday is in to tell us about his cider wines and mead.
>>> our kitchen by kitsches by design. always beautiful. always by design. it’s loaded today from front to back. >> we have brett from new day mead meadery. hey, guys. we are talking great food and great wine. >> asking joy before the show started if she has had mead. app apparently, i didn’t enunciate well. once we got the message across, do people’s eyebrows raise? >> yeah, i think so. mead is argued to be the oldest fermented beverage known to human civilization. it’s something we take and put a modern twist on it. >> when people hear about it, you have to do a lot of educating. >> most people expect me to be syrupy sweet. you can make it dry, sweet, you can sparkle it, you can add fruits to it. we do all those things since we are a meadery. >> that’s it. you actually take honey. it’s part of what’s in there. >> mead is wine made from honey. it’s honey andater fermented. it’s the basi



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