INSTY – Natural Born Juicers

Laura and Cory Beatus talk about Natural Born Juicers and make some amazing juice.
well, karen newman from fitness now is in talking about health. now, good things you can do for your body, not just in the weight room but also in the kitchen by implementing fresh fruits and vegetables. >> lori and corey here, they are natural born juicers. let’s talk a little bit abouture history. how you got to indy and doing this as well. and, ecollectic souls the two of you are. compliment. how did this come about? >> he is from queens. i’m from indianapolis. i moved to new york. and we met in a juice bar. we worked at a new york city’s most infamous juice bar, lucky’s juice join. a bit renegade. we have been juicing for 11 years. juicing ever sense. >> okay. you decided to haul him out of queens an haul him here. >> yeah. yeah. you get to a point in new york where you want a backyard and grow vegetable as you yeah. >> we got to that oant and started natural born juices three years



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