INSTY- Mushrooms

The mushroom lady is in on how to grow and cook mushrooms.
>>> our kitchen was designed by kitchens by design. always beautiful, always by design. we are in the kitchen. bower is like my mom. megan bauer. >> mushrooms are polarizing. >> it is a very, niche, niche thing. it’s where the concept of the mushroom company came from. we wanted to bring together the different concepts of mushroom, be it hunting, cooking or growing. we talked about vee gans. this has the amino acids they need. it was a niche area we want tods bring to the midwest that wasn’t here. in addition to that, also mushrooms as gifts as well as sustainable ving. they give fair trade as well as working with local artists. >> i have friends that, they like to hunt. they look for ideal weather. >> yeah. sure. >> to make it a company, how do you make that leap from i’m into it to a business venture? >> it’s just mushrooms. it’s the only way to see it. >> i didn’t see that coming at a



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