INSTY: Mini-Marathon Foods

Indy Style Nutritionist Annesa Chumbley has several options to help prepare runners before the big race and how to recharge afterward.
>>> we want to remind that our beautiful kitchen is provided by kitchens by design — always beautiful, always by design. >> he doesn’t eat breakfast or lunch. >> i can’t believe you wouldn’t eat breakfast before you run a race. >> i would before a race. but just generally in life, we don’t have time for that. >> oh, okay. >> if you go to the 500 festival website they have a countdown clock. >> it’s coming up. biggest half marathon in the country. >> 35,000 people, sold out in december. but they are tapering off on the run. they need to think about what to put in their bodies to make sure they’re ready for race morning. >> yes. for these people, food is really fuel. how they nourish and hydrate can make or break the race. there is science behind this. we’ll go through the day with tips and tricks. >> all right. >> eat a good hearty breakfast three to four hours before the race. make it h



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