INSTY- Middle Eastern Festival

The middle eastern festival is taking place this weekend
>>> our kitchen was designed by kitchen by design. always beautiful, always by design. >> i feel i should not introduce anyone else. >> you’ll be okay. >> i apologized to angie. she’s okay. i can pronounce middle eastern festival. we have guests here. the argument we were making, the discussion about the food versus the culture. some, i don’t want to say in particular, but it’s with middle eastern. >> the food is our culture. in the middle east, we live to eat. we love to eat. >> i love going. everything centers in his home everything centers around the kitchen. actually, in my house, too. all of the middle eastern homes, the kitchen is the center place and you try to build a home that is open to congregate in the kitchen. >> it’s not like you are there for breakfast. >> meal time is 24 hours a day. we eat one meal a day continuously. >> pausing only to sleep. >> you have taken over our



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