INSTY: Mexican Style Roadstyle Chicken

Chef Ben Lierman cooks up today’s recipe.
>> ? this is my “indy style” “indy style” ?? >> welcome back. chef ben is here from clark appliance and we’ve been talking, it’s not often the title of a recipe catches our imagination swches the ingredients but mexican roadside chicken. >> correct. >> we love it. >> what is that? >> if you travel in mexico and i got this from reading a book, one of the most common themes you’ll see in mexican cuisine are roadside stands that have open pit charcoal grills and lots of chicken. >> which is really good food, by the way. >> southern california you can drive by and they actually say look for the smoke going up and that’s where you want to drive to. >> you know it’s freshly prepared. >> every day. >> no heat lamps. >> till it’s gone, they don’t reheat anything, cook the chicken and serve it fresh. simple mexican flavor. >> meaning we don’t want to do it by the roadside in our neighborhood. i d



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