INSTY- Meijer Salad

Meijer Salad
>> tracy: our kitchen was designed by kitchens by design. always beautiful. always by design. >> andi: and we have a lovely kristin johnson in it right now. how are you doing. >> tracy: living healthy? >> oh, yes. [talking at once] >> andi: today we’re talking–we’re getting close to thanksgiving, same thing every year. tons of leftovers. >> tons of leftovers. >> grandma always cooks way too much. oh. >> and a lot of people love that. >> tracy: i think they plan. >> yes, and take advantage of all the thanksgiving foods. and make a little extra. i shop the day after thanksgiving, most people are putting up christmas decorations. you don’t want to spend time in the kitchen making another meal. >> andi: you did all the work. >> tracy: and not just keep reheating, and reheating. >> yeah, making is exciting with it. these are easy recipes when you open the fridge you can combine them all ough



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