INSTY- Mass Ave Wine Shoppe

Jill talks about the wine shop of Mass Ave
like a vacuum. didn’t work. >> he comes when you call. he sits and stays. >> good to see you guys. the morning show people, it’s probably like noon for them anyway. >> yeah. >> you must be just recovering from vintage indiana. >> yeah. the weather held out on us that day. it was a big success, once again. the 11th year. >> you are one of the founders? >> yes. it’s grown and gotten bigger and better. >> where did your interest in wine come from? >> i’m catholic, so you get it when you are young. it’s good. >> they don’t give you much when you are there. >> my family always had wine. nothing expensive or anything. we were always allowed a taste. it wasn’t a forbidden thing. i worked every holiday. i liked to cook. used to have people on the show in the wine industry. it grew from there. >> you you are a specialist with your own shop. you are just the person to talk about the weather we hav



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