INSTY Maple Syrup

Ivy Denern and Tim Burton are in to talk about Maple Syrup
>> always beautiful, always by design, kitchens by desoin. >> el jelly beans earlier and now maple syrup. >> we are. >> chef ivy, you are here. >> you brought a lot. >> tons of stuff. >> all right. well, i’ll get started. >> maple syrup something difficult to incornt? lather it on breakfast. >> right. you know, frequently i’m trying to incorporate something that is sweet into the savory items. i frequently use it to pickling in the kitchen. and so, whenever you are pickling you kind of need salt, sugar and an acid and so, i’ll either use honey and maple syrup instead of regular sugar. >> reallyell. >> and then, in this recipe with the short ribs, it is really got a lot of spice to it. so it helps to balance with the maple syrup and the maple syrup gives another layer, richness to the dish. >> awesome. >> cool. >> sounds good. >> what do you need to get started? >> by we, i mean you. >> o



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