INSTY-Loon Lake Lodge

Loon Lake Lodge is making drinks and eating fire!
>>> we want to thank kitchens by design, of course, for our beautiful kitchen. man, it just got more beautifuler. >> even better. >> my gosh. >> we’re going to make some kalalu. it is a very, very popular soup down in the caribbean. very easy to make. first of all, get you a skillet or a deep pan and heat you up one-quarter cup sesame oil and quarter cup olive oil. take you some onions. you’ll need a quarter cup of onions and fresh garlic. you’re going to need two tablespoons of fresh garlic. >> wow, you have some kbaugarlic in there. >> i’m going to turn that up and let it get translucent. meanwhile over here you’ll need one quart of boiling water and a quart of chicken stock. bring that to a boil. let this all saute. >> all right. >> then you’re going to need some fresh lump crab meat, which is one and a quarter pounds. you need some coconut milk and white vinegar and fresh spinach to



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