INSTY-Lisa’s Pie Shop

Lisa Sparks makes one of her famous pies from Lisa’s Pie Shop
pie in a jar, annessa, it looks cool. >> we are rocking in the kitchen. i am here with lisa. she owns lisa’s pie shop. i have to tell you guys and lisa, about a year and a half ago, friends and i were headed up 31. we wanted something sweet. it sounded good. a beam of a light shined down and shone on the gem of a store. i had the best slice of cocoa nut cream pie i ever tasted. >> thank you. >> you have amazing work going on up there. you are going to show us pies today. >> i’m going to try to show you a pie in five minutes. we have humble berry pie. we won two divisions, first place. i thought i would share it with everybody. >> humble berry. i have never heard of that before. >> there are four different kinds of fruit in it. >>okay. >> red raspberries. >> there’s not such a thing as humble berries? >> no. just in thought. >> we are going to eat the humble pie. >> four different kinds o



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