INSTY – La Me Emilie

Emilie from La Me Emilie is in to make crepes and other delicious french treats
you two have been speaking pretty much everything french. all that is left is pig latin. >> let me tell you, emilly from la mie from downtown. the second we met her this morning, the first thing that comes out of her mouth is a whole bunch of spanish. spanish. ola! chucking the cheese. no, it says here. >> i’m sure you are doing ench. you like to mess with us. >> we appreciate that. >> how did you get into, one thing that you have a love of the language and culture, suddenly, though, another thing to take on a restaurant. >> fifth grade, i had the opportunity to go to france. back to back program, since then, i have fallen in love with france. >> that is cool. >> then, several times, in indianapolis, only ritzy fine dining french restaurants. i wanted to show america and indianapolis, there are french cafes, people go and sit there for hours. >> approachable. affordable. >> exactly. all



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