INSTY – Kristen Johnson Meijer

Kristen Johnson from Meijer shows how to make some delicious treats
>> they kind of low branch. >> hang there. that will make them taller. >> they need that. good to see you. >> you, too. >> is that really for breakfast, are you just appeasing andi because she wants to eat it for breakfast? >> it’s good for snacks, breakfast, anything, a balanced meal with proteins, fats, everything. >> we’re specifically looking at women’s health. looks like you’ve got some quiona here. >> it’s a gd source of fiber. it’s one of my favorites. the’s a lot of different things you can do with it. we’ll come back to it. >> we have our yogurt, the parfait, this is dannon all natural yogurt. i nted to talk about upgrading your food choices, at meijer, the higher the score, the healthier the food. it’s about the quality. we don’t promote low fat and low set yum, we focus on the quality. >> that will take care of itself. >> this is 96. it’s just plain. everyone is gross, plain’s



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