INSTY – Kitchens By Design

Nancy Stanley from Kitchens by Design talks with Tracy about some of the cool upcoming kitchen tools and designs and an upcoming open house.
>>> wus usually when we talk about our kitchen, we are standing in it. you are a designer. >> i am. >> thank you for confirming that. before we get into the cool things coming up. let’s talk about where you — your path, were you ten years old tanstanding in the kitchen going that would work better over there. >> when i was a child, i used to rearrange my bedroom furniture all the time. and my parents could say what are you doing? is kind of an early desire to design things for sure. but i studied interior design and became faspassionate about kitchens and have been designing for 15 years and love it. >> one of the things about kitchen by design is they know the kitchen is more than a place to prepare food. it is the living room and the information center. you do a wonderful job for us as well. when i hear about trends it makes me nervous in terms of using the word trend because you are



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