INSTY – Kiss Z Cook

Chef Dwight Simmons brings some young pupils to talk about Kiss Z Cook’s “Kid’s Can Cook” summer camp, then they show off what they’ve learned. More information is at www.kisszcook.com
>>> our kitchen is made possible by kitchens by design. always beautiful, always by design. >> joining us now is our lovable, kissable chef dwight from kiss-z-cook. >> you kissed me last time. >> you’re too far away this time. you brought a special guest. >> i brought kim. >> hi. >> nice to meet you. >> we’re making chicken — >> she’s getting right into it. >> she wanted to jump in before i could get it wrong. she gave me a copy to follow along. >> i did. we’re going to start by lightly seasoning our chicken with salt and pepper. you don’t want to add too much because there’s plenty of salty ingredients in the sauce. >> okay. >> so we’re going to do salt and pepper. >> so how did you get, you know — how do you know chef dwight? >> i started taking classes about two summers ago. >> my dad found the website online and i just went for a teen cooking series in the summer. i had a great tim



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