INSTY – Keeping Slim This Holiday

Jenni Purceli from the American Dairy Association shares some tips and recipes for staying slim over the holidays.
>> okay. better looking all of the time. >> one of which, jennifer from american dairy association. you brought tasty looking things. >> i did. that time of season where we are worried about, i don’t know. getting into our little black dress. i don’t know what you have that you need to squeeze into. >> no, i’m married so i have to have, you know — >> i’m sympathetically worried as well. >> right. here is the thing, right now, putting on workout pants yesterday. oh! oh. did these feel tighter? yes, they do. oh, heaven forbid when i put on my black dress. >> i call them tights. they were workout pants but tights now. >> i have tips. because there is about, americans average about four holiday parties. they gain about one pound and we never lose it. we keep gaining every year. >> oh, great. >> first, a lot of people, when they go to holiday parties they want to serve themself so when they



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