INSTY- Just Pop In

Local Sisters are in talking about their fabulous popcorn in all kinds of flavors and colors.
>> tracy: one of these things is not like the other. that would be the person talking right now. two of these things is very much like the other. we have mandy from just popping. good to see you ladies. >> good morning. >> tracy: we were lamenting other people’s efforts when it comes to popcorn, and their efforts are appreciated, but what you are able to achieve is incredible. give us a back story. >> well, thank you. back story, we always love popcorn, and growing up our grandfather popped popcorn on the phone. we really felt we could make a business out it, and do stuff with modern packaging, and modern flavors. >> andi: tell us how the flavors go. you have everything from strawberry flavored. >> that’s a great question. we actually have a variety of different collections. our collection that we started–there’s kind of a back story to each one of our popcorns. we used to roller skate



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