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>>> we want to remind you our lovely kitchen came to us by kitchens by design. always beautiful, always by design. we are in the kitchen with chef victor ruiz and david. nice to have you with us. >> you guys, today, are going to do a couple different dishes for us. we are going to do an eggplant tower. before that, you have quite a history in indianapolis. >> we do. been open since ’94. we are proud to be one of the top 100 jazz in the world. >> wow. >> we got that distinction a couple years ago. we are known for great food and music. we are multidimensional. the main forte is the live music tand great food. >> what was your inspiration to start jazz kitchen? was it your love of jazz and food? >> i am a jazz musician. i get it that way. i have an infinity of business as well. i didn’t know a lot about the food business. i had to watch a lot of food network to catch up. >> love that. >> b



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