INSTY – Island Delight

Chef Chris Mclaughlin from Island Delight is in to show some Jamaican cooking.
>> talking to you. i can do that any time. >> christopher is from island delight. you’re a restaurant that specializes in jamaican cooking. now, tell me, what are some misconceptions people might have about jamaican food? >> jamaican food, they always think it’s very, very spicy, very hot. >> okay. >> some items are, espially the jerk dishes. >> we probably shouldn’t make faces like that. >> you’ve been waiting all morning for that opportunity. what are we going to be making today? >> today we’re doing a whole red snapper. we’ll be doing it escoviceh style. it’s a vinegar sauce. >> okay. >> all right. now what do we need to do to get started? >> we need to fry the fish. >> okay. we, we need to season it, absolutely. >> you do that first. >> okay. >> all right. now when we were making jamaican food, what are some of the influences that have made it kind of what it is today? >> african inf



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