Iozzo’s cooks sea bass and chicken picata.
>>> as always, we want to thank kitchens by design for our beautiful kitchen as we all are carrying on up here talking about iozzo’s. talking about one of the oldest restaurants in indianapolis, is that right? did i just make that up? >> the first italian restaurant in indianapolis was opened by my great grandfather and grandfather and it was opened in 1930. it was downtown indianapolis where the hyatt hotel now sits. >> you told us an abbreviated story that i don’t think we have time for. let’s just say it makes some of the sopranos look like the waltons in terms of how authentic we’re talking in the history. hopefully there’s an opportunity to get that history out. >> yeah. it’s on the website. if you come into the restaurant, i’m happy to come up — >> and tell the story. >> dinner and a show. >> absolutely. >> for dinner. >> sea bass and parchment. if you don’t have parchment at home



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