INSTY – Indianapolis Monthly’s Destination Dinners

Beth Clayton talks to Andi about the best destination dinners in the state.
>> you’re welcome. >> appreciate it. my illusion has been burst. there is no war between beth clayton and andi hauser. it is a fantasy i had. that is the thing. we are talking about the show. we’re talking about destination dinner. here is the point. we have restaurants right here in the city. let’s admit, sometimes you want to get in the car and hit the road. >> now is such a great time to take a road trip. it is not too hot. >> so now is a great time if you want to take out a lazy sunday or saturday drive and go have dinner. if you are getting in the car, and you wanted to go to a restaurant, we did have to drive 45 minute to an hour. >> right. we are kind of spoiled here in town. people who live further are probably used to driving. but, this is a fun project to do. we started it about a year ago. we had a long list, we put a lot of miles on our cars over the last year or so. we were



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