INSTY – Indianapolis Monthly’s Best Farmers Markets

Beth Clayton from Indianapolis Monthly talks about the city’s best farmers markets.
>> it is difficult for new guests of “indy style” to keep andy straight from tracy because the names are interchangeable. but andy is the one she has this on going thing with. i’m the one that gets to interview here. >> good to see you. thank you. >> you picked a heck of a day huh? you had the jazzfest and mr. fry. >> all i have for you is vegetables. >> i don’t know how to live up. >> this is perfect. it isis that time of year. >> in our accepseptember we have a round up of the best farmer’s markets in the area. and where to go, people think now that the kids are back in school and it is 90 degrees outsi outside, the calendar says that it is fall. a lot of people are thinking that the farmer’s markets are done and they are not. they are still up and running through the end of october and november. there is still plenty to get. you brought us a great offering. i did. >> i brought you a l



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