INSTY – Indianapolis Monthly

Beth Clayton talks to Tracy about Indianapolis Monthly’s Summer Fun issue, and maybe more importantly cupcakes, delicious, delicious, cupcakes.
>>> we have the editor of indianapolis monthly to talk all things food. good to see you. >> you, too. >> let’s talk about the new issue that’s out. now, keep in mind that i have the review — what did you call that? >> the best restaurants. >> that’s still sitting at home on the coffee table. >> and it should. >> let’s move on to the new month and summer fun. >> there is room for two magazines on your table. we have the summer issue that just came out. well, actually it will be out on news stands thursday. subscribers probably have it in the mailbox but it will be on news stands thursday. >> cupcakes. >> this was a big deal around the office. it really was. cupcakes have been the it dessert for probably the past ten years. they are just cropping up all over the place. we decided to get a definitive answer on the best cup cake. >> and some of these places around the nation, that’s not a c



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