INSTY – Indiana Pork Producers

Heather Hill from the Indiana Pork Producers and a hog farmer herself talks to Tracy about pork.
hill of greenfield who agrees with me about certain werewolf characteristics. which is very nice of her. she doesn’t have. more importantly, she is a central indiana pork farmer. good morning. >> good morning. my favorite simpsons quote, one of them, involves lisa saying she’s going to be a vegetarian and her dad says so you’re not going to eat pork? no. you’re not going to eat bacon? no. you’re not going to heat ham? dad, that’s all from the same animal. oh, sure, lisa, magical animal. it is kind of in terms of how we utilize it. >> it is. >> and there’s some misconceptions, though, for those of us consuming pork products about how the pork gets raised and the process it goes through. >> well, i would think so. i hear a lot that people don’t think we’re family farms and in fact 94% of the pork farms in indiana are family owned and operated. >> 94? >> 94%. so i’m very proud to come from



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