INSTY – Ideal Sugar

Chef Ozzie from Heartland Sweeteners shows us some great fall recipes and talks about Heartland Sweeteners’ Ideal Sugar.
>>> our kitchen was desippegned by kitchens by seedesign. >> right now we are in the kitchen with the chef. >> i love that. open it up, see what we are working with here. it is the best sweetener on the market. don’t be shy. isn’t that great? >> now you know what you are working with. all of your baking, our new brown, great for diabetics and you can make oh cream cheese frostings, wonderful. >> i like that. >> the holiday rz coming on us here. apple pie, this is our sweetener in there. differe different apples. i have my preference. we’re going to do a dutch or french apple. this is our brown sweetener, flour, like a streusal topping. i’m add ing chopped pecans. not your traditional crust. >> not at all. >> you use butter replacement in there. you spread it over the pie. simple right? how easy is that? we are going to pop that in the oven for me. >> we have one in there jooxt hello. >>



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