INSTY – Hunter’s Honey Farm

Tracy Hunter from Hunter’s Honey Farm is in the studio to address the concerns of viewers about honey bees, discuss the importance of bees, and talk about the benefit of honey.
>>> as a gardener, i’m expanding my garden and i’m trying to have beautiful flowers and great vegetables, but i don’t want to put chemicals out there that are going to hurt the honeybees. i’m seeing them again. am i going to hurt them? am i going to put something out there that’s going to hurt them on the flowers. give me some information on how they’re doing. >> that is martha. actually we caught up with her at the earth day celebration last month. that was one of — she requested that we have more information about honeybees because we haven’t visited that topic yet. joining us now is tracy hunter from hunters honey farm to address some of those concerns. how are you doing? >> fine, thank you for having me. >> honeybees have been a barometer for a lot of people in terms of what’s happening to our environment and the environment — >> right. >> in general. it seems like she wants to pro



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