INSTY – How To Know Your Fish Is Safe

How Chef Greg Hardesty makes sure the fish your getting is safe and healthy for your family.
>>> tracey, andi, a lot of people coming on. i saw and talked to the lieutenant governor, she is here. >>> right here as we speak. >>> all right! >>> thanks a lot, maybe you can get that rain to move out. lieutenant governor becky skillman, usually when we see you we tend to be in higher humidity, surrounded by livestock and things of that nature. >> you’re right, we’ve been at state fair together the last two or three years. but nice to be in the studio with you today. >>> good to have you. >>> climate rolled, right? >>> yes adjusted it just for you, we knew you were could have coming in. you’re here the talk about kind of looking ahead, the holiday season is approaching and we’re talking about supporting our troops. there’s a very easy way to do that. >>> well, yes. this is the sixth year the lieutenant governor’s office sponsored hoosier cheer for our heroes. this is an a letter and c



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