INSTY – Honey Time

Tracy Hunter from Hunter’s Honey Farm talks to Andi about Honey.
here. we appreciate you being a part of it. andi? >> yes, thanks, tracy. okay we are here with tracy hunter. we had you on the show a couple months ago. thanks for joining us again out at the state fair. really this is kind of a stomping grounds for you, i would imagine you guys spend a lot of time out here each and every year. >> weaver been coming to the state fair myself about the last 25 years. grandfather actually started coming in about the 1950s, where we show honey and we sell honey. >> you have a long family history at the fairs and also with honey. tell me how you got started bee farming. >> my grandfather started in 1910. this is our 100th year of keeping bees in indiana. he taught me what i know. my mother was a schoolteacher and beekeeper. and now i’m a schoolteacher and beekeep ir. >> you also do some education surrounding beekeeping as well. >> we like to give tours of our



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