INSTY- Honey Queens

Talking about the importance of bee’s and honey and making an after school nap
>>> i am surrounded by very sweet girls. i don’t think you are going to argue with me. they happen to be, the indiana honey queen and the american honey queen. you were on the show, i don’t know a month ago? >> thank you. >> you are a familiar face to many viewers. and we have the indiana honey queen princess? why? . she is the honey queen next year and hopefully the goal is to make me the queen next year. >> you are a queen in waiting? got it. lisa, you travel all over the united states. maybe reintroduce honey to people and tell them a lot they didn’t know about how important honey is to our agriculture and economy. >> they provide the building blocks of our supply. apples, blueberries, cucumbers, a lot of people depend on it. >> that fly is bugging you. in one interesting thing, honey does not go bad. tell me about that. >> honey does not spoil. it has a low ph. it will last forever i



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