INSTY – Honey Queen

Honey Queen Lisa Schluttenhofer shows Andi the benefits of Honey and talks about what the Honey Queen does.
>>> and the queen just keeping popping up around here. we’ve got lisa from the american bee keeping federation, but you are the american honey queen. >> i am. i travel around the united states promoting how honey bees building the building blocks of our food supply. many of the freuits and venlg tails we like depend on honey for nation. some of our key vegetables, 1/3 of our food supply depend on honey bees for pollination. >> you are from indiana, but do you get to travel around the u.s. for this position? >> i do. i will travel to half the united states for the uses of honey and raising conmer awareness of bee keeping. >> what is the number one question people have? i think there’s a lot of — thinking about bees and bee keeping, so what. what do people like to ask you? >> recently, one of the greatest questions i have, people hear about the bees dying. we call it colony collapse disor



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