INSTY- Holiday Entertaining

Holiday Entertaining can be stressful but Sandra Lee gives helpful tips
the holiday, right, andi? >> andi: acid reflux can be caused by stress, then i will tell you that this woman, sandra lee is more like an antacid because she can quell any stress around the holiday season. you may wonder how i got that segue? >> i thought it was perfect. when ihear the word stress, i see how it’s spelled and i see that word i get stressed. i think the word should be abolished. >> andi: every time i hear it i break into a cold sweat. which is my general reaction this time of year. >> or the hives. >> andi: i love getting together and be the one hosting the party, but good heavens it can be stressful, and it’s a lot of work, but you have a lot of solutions to make life easier. >> i’m always thinking about how to make life easier. when you see my magazine, this is the christmas issue. you’ll see all sorts o o of appetizers and cocktails. i have something that could not only



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