INSTY – Historic National Road Yard Sale

Patricia McDaniel talks about the Historic National Road Yard Sale and shows how to make some classic treats.
>>> sometimes i mean it, sometimes i don’t. today i mean it. we have a special guest. you guys brought a ton of stuff. you have a helper, as well. >> denise. >> the sale, it’s historic and it’s storied a it’s a lot about the stuff that’s for sale, but it’s a lot about the food, too. >> sure. all the local restaurants along 40 and the people with us toe nat donate this had. we had fun collected it bright and early. >> let’s talk about what we have. >> those are donuts from the corner bakery in my town. and this is homemade fudge. and onion rings and chicken tenders. >> and this is officially the where breakfast of champions right here. >> all the main road yard sale — >> and they had real onion rings they dip in batter. and sugar cream pies, which is indiana’s state pie. and that is from the flamingo restaurant, as is the black spberry. the zuccini is the only healthy thing here today. i



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