INSTY: Herb Crusted Salmon

Chef Henri Najem from Bella Vista Ristonante prepares this dish.
>> we want to rimed you that our beautiful kitchen is by kitchens by design. >> we are joined by a chef and a trainer. >> here to take full advantage of it. >> tell us about the dish that you’re preparing today. >> this is one of the healthier dishes on the menu. the customer wanted something different and healthier. the mediterranean cuisine is the healthier option for people. using pine nuts and fresh roma tomatoes. it’s 100% olive oil. >> i love olive oil. as opposed to butter, you use olive oil. it’s healthier. >> that’s right. >> you can get startednd start warming things up there.. let’s talk about the benefits of eating a mediterraneaniet. >> people are on board. we are talking about something you can do at home. you can throw together on your own. it doesn’t matter if you have a recipe. you have roma tomatoes. food that’s in there with the olive oil. full of antioxidants. helps f



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